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Sata or SSD, Which Should You Get?

Building and customizing your own computer system, either for business needs or for multimedia and games, can provide you with many benefits. Addressing a variety of concerns when it comes to your choices and options will ensure that your efforts are able to be as effective as possible. With a range of choices for your memory and data storage, knowing a little more about your options can make a big difference. Creating a superior machine may not always be possible should you make poor equipment choices or if Read the rest of this entry »

How Does SLI Benefit Your Gaming System?

How does SLI benefit your gaming system? First, let’s discuss just what SLI is. SLI stands for Scalable Link Interface.
It’s just fancy talk for using two or more video cards in a single computer. SLI was developed to drastically increase the ability of computers to render 3D models and in use of video design and editing. They’re also awesome for playing video games.

How do they work?
Well, a computer with a single video card is sending everything that is displayed on your monitor to that single video Read the rest of this entry »

Video Cards: Are You a Gamer?

If you are a gamer, video cards can be the most important part of building your own computer. If you like to play modern games with great graphics, you should have a powerful video card. Visually complex video games are released every month. These types of games require a powerful video card.

Most modern games today require a video card with at least 1GB of texture memory. This allows many high-resolution textures to be loaded into memory. Read the rest of this entry »

Motherboards: Which is Best for You

The best type of motherboard for you is based on many factors. Many types of motherboard will have a variety of options depending on the manufacturer. This includes the number of expansion slots to how a future upgrade is performed. You will need to determine if a motherboard has the options that you need for your particular purpose.


Motherboards support processors that are made by Intel or AMD. The difference between the two is the socket. Intel and AMD use different types of sockets to connect the processor to the motherboard. If the processor Read the rest of this entry »

UV Cold Cathodes For Style?

When looking to add some lighting and style to your device, it may of benefit for you to check out some UV cold cathode lighting systems. The UV cold cathode lighting is in fact one of the most popular methods of lighting in cases available on the market today. This type of lighting is a step up from the original 12 volt type of neon lighting. What happens when using the cold cathode method is that there are powerful converters in there Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping Cool: Exhaust Fans A Plenty

Is an exhaust fan really necessary when they make so much noise? You may have noticed that suddenly your exhaust fan is making noise when your computer is running. The role of the exhaust fan is to keep the inside of your computer cool and protect your CPU and components from heat damage.

The inside of a computer case gets very hot after several hours of being turned on. People who use their computers frequently leave Read the rest of this entry »

Three Attractive Ways to Illuminate You Computer

There are ways of lighting up your computer that are all very practical. However, here are three attractive and cool ways to light up your computer so you can see what you’re doing and not look like a total nerd!

First Way: Find yourself some glow in the dark stickers to place over your keys. These can be found at specialty PC stores and small independent computer places. There are even some larger retailers that will sell these items. These glow stickers Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing The Right Hard Drive for Your Needs

Computers are powerful devices that provide entertainment and make things easier for those people who own them. There are many sizes of hard drives, and choosing the right hard drive is integral to optimizing experiences according to each person’s needs.
The hard drive is where digital information is stored. More storage on the hard drive is used as more files and programs are saved onto the computer. People who mainly use computers for going onto the internet or writing documents may be comfortable with hard drives that have lower storage capabilities. People who Read the rest of this entry »